2.5% – The Osa Peninsula – Documentary Short

United States – 40:47


Director: Eytan Elterman


Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, the most biologically intense place on Earth faces tourism development that threatens to destroy it, and only its local communities can save it.

SaMo INDIE says:

This multi-layered documentary gleans the first part of its name from the fact that this tiny peninsula in Costa Rica accounts for 2.5% of all global biodiversity. As with nearly all of the countries in Central and South America, there is an on-going struggle between environmentalists, the disenfranchised and marginalized local populations and powerful moneyed interests that seek to exploit the rich lands for various schemes. In this particular case, an international airport is contemplated, trotted out with the familiar tropes about job creation and opportunity. Yet, within this rich documentary, director Eytan Elterman makes a compelling case for more sustainable approaches to this delicate ecosystem, that balance the needs of environmental protection with the needs of the local community. With themes that resonate well beyond the borders of Costa Rica, 2.5% – The Osa Peninsula is an important film that we are excited to share with our community.


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