Filmmaker Update

Well, we seem to have started off by making a muck of things. Our sincerest apologies to all of our Honorable Mentions. There will be a new email tomorrow with updated details on getting your footage to us. We were really excited about making these clip reels, but the reality is proving more “interesting” than we anticipated. And, we do this stuff for a living.

Anyway, we’re getting close, thank you all for your patience with us. We hope to bring you all a rewarding and fun experience during our maiden voyage. We definitely want to thank all of you who participated or submitted films. It was truly an honor to view your work, we are genuinely delighted with the program we’ve curated.

The full list of Official Selections will be posted right after I finish this. Honorable Mentions probably won’t be listed until after the fest, as we’re kind of down to the wire and have some stuff to do yet. Instructions on tickets are coming tomorrow most likely, Saturday for sure, as there are a couple of technical details to sort.

Thank you all again, we look forward to meeting you all and sharing your films with our beautiful city.

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