SaMo INDIE Premieres “Art as a Weapon” Sat. Oct.4

Iconic street artist Shepard Fairey narrates the world premiere presentation of “Art as a Weapon” at the second annual Santa Monica Independent Film Festival.

Discreetly filmed in Burma, “Art as a Weapon” showcases a controversial school that teaches street art as ‘nonviolent struggle’ to a handful of Burmese youth. Risking arrest and even torture, the filmmakers brave the totalitarian environment to bring voice to a distant and disenfranchised group. This powerful documentary serves as an afternoon centerpiece to some of the best independent cinema from around the world.

Documentarians from as far away as Brazil and China give deep insights into the depths of the global commodities system, as well as the power of local trade and artisanal craft, while cutting edge animated shorts lay bare the stark views from the European continent. Short films with golden globe winning leads to visionary art-house features, SaMoIndie brings the best of international independent cinema to the Santa Monica Playhouse from October 3rd thru 5th.

Tickets are only $5. Complimentary beer and wine will be served.

See the press release

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