Schedule Coming Soon!

Our sincerest apologies for such a late announcement on this year’s schedule! We had booked both the Santa Monica Laemmle theater and the Santa Monica Playhouse for this year’s festival. However, the Laemmle theater has been undergoing extensive renovations for the past year and they ran into delays that were unavoidable.

As many of you may know, the Laemmle family is a tremendous supporter of independent film here in Southern California and they were incredibly gracious throughout and very forthcoming about the potential for delays. We held out in hope, yet in the end, the renovations continue. Thankfully, our friend’s at the Santa Monica Playhouse have offered us an extra day to try and accommodate this year’s screening schedule.

We are doing our best to get all the Official Selections screen time, though there will be a couple of films that we simply can’t reasonably accommodate. The decisions were not easy, as we really love all the films we selected this year. Please stay posted, the final schedule should be up later this evening.


The Programming Team

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