Angel of Nanjing – Documentary Feature

United States – 69:56


Directors: Jordan Horowitz Frank Ferendo


A documentary film about Chen Si, an man who has saved over 300 people who have tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in China.

SaMo INDIE says:

Angel of Nanjing is a powerful documentary that follows Chen Si, a man who for the past 11 years has patrolled the Yangtze River Bridge in China. The bridge is a massive construction, which stands as a testament to the ingenuity and innovation of man. And yet, the bridge is perhaps most famous as the site of the most suicides in the world. Chen Si embarked on a journey to help stem the tide and in the process lays bare what it really means to be human and part of this grand experiment that is mankind. With humility and grace, Jordan Horowitz has captured a nuanced and beautiful film, which highlights both the heroism of Mr. Si, as well as the terrible toll his journey has exacted upon him. We are honored to be able to share this wonderful documentary with you.


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