Bird – Narrative Short

United States – 14:56


Director: Brittany Rae Barber


Diya is a 12-year-old boy whose mother is dying in the hospital. The relationship between him and his father has become silent. Diya holds on to a mutilated pigeon as if it were still alive, unable to accept reality as he tries to understand death.

SaMo INDIE says:

This dramatic short comes to us from the film program at Santa Monica College. First time director Brittany Rae Barber has crafted a poignant, personal piece with a great sense of intimacy. Jezai Torres delivers a captivating performance as the young lead, with the tasteful cinematography giving life to Barber’s vision. A mature, well-rounded film and a superb student effort, Bird is sure to be the start of a promising career for this talented young director.

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