Counter Histories: Rock Hill | Documentary Short

United States | 27:30


Director: Frederick Taylor


Meet the men who stood up for their rights at the counter of the Rock Hill, SC Five and Dime. They asked for a cup of coffee and were instead met with violence, police brutality and unjust imprisonment. A small town miles from Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill became a landmark of the Civil Rights Movement, one that too few remember today. Students of Friendship College took on the weight of discrimination under the banner of non-violence and ‘Jail No Bail.’ The tactic spread across the South, inspiring protesters to no longer fund their own oppression through bonds and fines. The courage of these men ignited a passion and furor that rose into the famed Freedom Rides.

SaMo Indie says:

This incredible documentary shines a light on a much neglected story about the Civil Rights Movement that began at a small store in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Director Frederick Taylor does an excellent job of sharing these powerful stories, with a perfect blend of intimacy, information, and narrative storytelling. We’re excited for the opportunity to play this film in the Los Angeles area once again.


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