Curious-City – Narrative Short

Australia – 26:06


Director: John Chatwin


Oliver visits the homes of people selling possessions online, his intent rather than purchase is to ask questions and create uncomfortable situations. Curious-City is a surreal drama examining secrets, desire and morality. A man enters stranger’s homes on false pretenses; his sexually devious wife flaunts her indiscretions and his exploitative psychologist experiments on patients and his suppressed wife.

SaMo INDIE says:

This surreal drama from Australia is one of the most unique films in our line-up this season. With a cat-burglar like grace, this film takes us on a journey that seems familiar and yet is anything but. With excellent performances all around, the film toys with expectation, upsets preconceptions and delivers a bit of magic in the process. Highly stylized visuals and a strong directorial hand make Curious-City a joy to watch.


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