Cusp – Narrative Short

United Kingdom – 14:33


Director: Oliver Warren


Kyle, a seventeen year-old outsider drifts through life. The passing of days marked by endless shifts at the struggling Chicken Box restaurant. His only brightness lies in his unconventional affair with 24 year-old Amber – married and life-weary. Confusing attention for love, their illicit, and outdoor, relationship marks his only form of kinship amid a town that neither cares for nor likes him.

One night, a chance encounter with the self-proclaimed ‘town trannie’, Michael, whose sixty years in this town have left him shackled through fear of what lies beyond, leads Kyle to set out on a path to the big city.

SaMo INDIE says:

Director Oliver Warren makes wonderful use of light and shadow in this heart-felt short film from the United Kingdom. Cusp easily draws you in from the first frame and keeps you involved with an innate calm. A film made with great empathy and a solemnity that feels at once both grand and intimate, it hits all the right notes and leaves you feeling like things are going to be just fine.


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