Encouragement – Narrative Feature

Canada – 51:22


Director: Devin Terrence McAdam


Dan, a young man stricken with grief from a mysterious tragedy, is caught in the pull of a downward spiral of despair and delusion in the setting of his self-quarantined residence. While dark energy encircles him, a woman from his past is en route for a surprise visit. Will her arrival intervene and save him or will she fall victim to the sinister forces conspiring within?

A surreal journey of soul-wrenching reflection, the film envelops the viewer in a strange world full of dread, engrosses them in a tragic mystery and asks the question of what, if anything, is powerful and pure enough in this world to pull someone back from the spiritual abyss.

SaMo INDIE says:

Surreal is an understatement when it comes to this film from first-time feature director Devin Terrance McAdam. Haunting visuals captivate right out of the gate and the film never loosens its grip. Within the claustrophobic confines of the protagonist’s world, the film navigates the dark planes and hidden spaces within us all. With a directorial vision and authority that few possess and even fewer put forth, Encouragement is a film you’ll not likely forget. Ever.


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