Moon People – Narrative Short

United States – 6:52


Director: Alexandra Grace


MOON PEOPLE is a short film that explores gender fluidity and the elimination of labels pertaining to sexual orientation. We are constantly hearing terms bandied about; Bi-Sexual, Pansexual, Transsexual, Asexual…the list goes on. This film aims to challenge and debunk conventional notions about relationships and impress upon us the importance of relating to one another simply as humans beings. Women should be given the freedom to explore their masculinity and men, their femininity without fear of judgement. We believe the future is genderless.

SaMo INDIE says:

First-time director Alexandra Grace has created a beautiful, slice-of-life narrative that explores LGBTQ themes with a delicate touch and a lot of heart. The film steers clear of being preachy and instead paints a portrait of a loving couple and their relationship. The visuals sparkle, the message is clear and the love is in abundance. Moon People is a touching reflection on the changing social norms of gender and sexual identity.


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