Only For Forever – Narrative Short

United States – 14:59


Director: Nia Phillips


Mar lee, a hipster thief who desperately needs money to get out of the city, snatches a lonely model’s purse. But instead of running with the money she returns, and finds that the beautiful Nora is her kindred spirit. Marlee and her friend Jo had planned to do a quick and easy job for some money, but suddenly it seems as if a soul mate might be worth more than a payday.

SaMo INDIE says:

This student film from the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts tracks a petty-thief that finds herself in a budding romance with a suicidal girl from the other side of the proverbial tracks. The film cast two excellent actresses, Megan Sousa-Meyer and Kristina Mezhenskaya, who bring an honest, and seemingly effortless chemistry to the screen. Director Nia Imani makes the most of DP Che Espiritu’s free spirited camera work, weaving a strong dramatic narrative short that feels like a mature, well-rounded effort on all fronts.


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