Puppet Life | Narrative Short

Australia | 7:34


Director: Thomas D. Moser


Life’s tough for a struggling actor in Hollywood, especially if you’re a puppet. If you’re waiting for a Kermit or Piggy to move over you should know they never die, they just get reupholstered. Then there are human room mates and racists love interests to deal with. The struggle is real – #PuppetLife.

SaMo Indie says:

Much as with our other two films from Australia, Puppet Life shows a depth of filmmaking acumen that is almost impossible to overlook. From the moment the characters appear on screen, we were instantly engaged, with director Thomas D. Moser expertly giving life and complexity to James Mederios’ clever and funny script. The assembled cast is top notch, with great voice work coupled with some pretty amazing puppetry. If this one doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.

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