Rottweiler | Narrative Feature

United States | 64:45


Director: Cade LiRocchi


In the middle of the night, a chance encounter brings a few strangers together. A runner’s paranoia gets the best of him. A young woman goes a little too far. And someone watches their every move from the shadows. Photos, flashlights, and blackmail paint a grizzly picture for what’s to come. What was once a curious daydream, evolves into a prying nightmare. Rottweiler depicts what can happen when you realize the world is one cold, cruel place.

SaMo Indie says:

Writer / Director Cade LiRocchi delivers a hypnotic take on the noir / thriller genre with his latest feature effort Rottweiler. The languid, almost trance-like pace wonderfully captures the mood of the film, while slowly enveloping the viewer in the dark world of the protagonist. Making great use of available spaces and clever use of lighting, this short feature is a great example of what a talented crew can do with limited resources.

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