SaMo INDIE – 2013

2013 Award Winning Films:

Technically Crazy (86m, USA) *WINNER – BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE*

Sparks fly when a sixteen-year old bipolar runaway breaks into the house of a suicidal ex-cop.

A Parentless Turn Of Events (22m, AUS) *WINNER – BEST NARRATIVE SHORT*

Who needs Mum and Dad anyway? Especially when they weren’t model parents to begin with. 16-year old Jane has a secret: her parents are dead. And they’re still in their bedroom. Jane continues to look after he younger brother Sam to the best of her abilities, but for how long?


Sleight of Hand. A set of techniques used by someone to manipulate objects secretly to deceive. This is a stop-motion film about illusions. A man yearns to know his place in the world and how he fits in, when sometimes it’s better not to know.


Do-Si-Do In The Sky follow the adventure of the US Army Helicopter Square Dancing Team as they toured national air shows across the United States during the 1950’s.

2013 Official Selections (ordered by screening slot):

The Girl In A Bubble (9m, UK)

Shizuko, an enchanting seven year old Japanese girl is stuck in a weird suburban world, struggling to understand her crazed mother’s obsession with everything British and serving the perfect afternoon tea.

Arc (15m AUS)

In a world where the real archers are too cool for targets, Arc is what happens when Cupid’s arrows are lured way off track.

Salvage (34m, USA)

‘Salvage’ is a documentary that takes a look at the stories of women on Skid Row and their struggles with homelessness, abuse and addiction. Filmed at and with the help of the Union Rescue Mission, the film takes a special glimpse into the Mission and the transitional housing facility Hope Gardens. The stories of the women are as varied as the way that they got to Skid Row, and each is salvaging their life in a different way.

The Blank Page (13m, USA)

Colin is a quiet boy. His mother tries her best to get him to come out of his shell by exposing him to a plethora of art and music teachers. While he learns many lessons from these jaded adults, they aren’t exactly the ones his mother had hoped to impart.

Kill Switch (13m, USA)

An injured ex-bomb disposal technician laments the path his life has taken upon his return to society; from being contently part of the system to opposing it with a vengeance.

Zweibettzimmer – “Double Occupancy” (9m, GER)

Two old men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource. ‘Double Occupancy’ is a dark parable about the greed of man – an animated, psychological intimate play about the power of imagination and illusion.

Seamless (9m, USA)

Caught between lust and the law, hotel manager Michael MacKenzie tries not to become completely unraveled when dealing with a young bellman’s uniform malfunction. Check in at the Arise Hotel and Spa, your stay will leave you in stitches!

A Little Something On The Side (11m, USA)

The film tells the story of Larry (Tobolowsky) and his rigid wife Cordelia (Bateman) and the conflict and craziness that ensues when Larry tries to break out from under his wife’s watchful eye. All Larry wants to do is let loose and with the help of a few sympathetic co-workers, he gets the chance. Sofia (Mixon) steps up and with a little luck, they step out for A LITTLE SOMETHING ON THE SIDE.

Night Porter (26m, USA)

A hotel bellboy takes on a task of helping a woman find her lost luggage, but their brief encounter turns into the love story of his dreams.

Gumshoe (4m, USA)

A hard-boiled tale following Gumshoe, a private eye hot on the trail of his missing partner. In this world of femme fatales and hired goons, the truth lies beneath.

Life Changing Moments (18m, USA)

Life Changing Moments follow director and surgeon Dr. Sherry Thomas as she travels to Africa to provide free surgery and medical care to dozens of impoverished African women suffering with fistula.

Parking Plot (4m, CAN)

A compulsive liar goes through the events of a traumatic experience, or does he?

Morfar Och Jag Och Helikoptern Till Himlen – “Grandpa And Me And A Helicopter To Heaven” (15m, SWE)

A world all on its own of humor, warmth and love. A boy and his bedridden grandfather there is a deep friendship. The aging man has a secret he wants to share with his grandson; together they make for the woods on a final adventure.

Nahiin Nuun – “Mother Corn” (15m, USA)

A Triqui Indian teen wrestles spiritual visions that awaken appreciation for her grandmother and culture.


Los Angeles is the home of the unlikely marriage of Street Art and Corporate America, this is the story of how it almost never happened.

Nietzermann (89m, USA)

In an attempt to launch their careers, two young actors investigate a disturbing viral video of a French psychic’s prophecy. As they shed light on the mysterious footage, their journey will test their friendship, threaten their lives and reveal a most troubling secret.

18 Minutes (3m, USA)

A man’s normal day happens to change in a matter of minutes. He must shake off the fear pumping through his body and force himself to find a path to freedom. Shaken, he must escape from a building he once saw as his second home. This is his story of 9/11.

Father, Daughter, Mother, Road (excerpt – USA)

A father, pushing 60 and his 30 year old daughter, a clinically depressed aspiring filmmaker travel Route 66 in hopes of making a documentary about the famed road.

88 Miles To Moscow (20m, USA)

15-year old Niki gets more than she bargained for when she sneaks off a train for a quick smoke, stumbling into an offbeat adventure involving her ex-con dad, troubled mother and a young Russian garbage man.

Clown Nose Theory (17m, USA)

The future of a Fortune 500 company hangs in the balance as a battle of wills plays out in a tense standoff between the force of greed and a soft spongy red ball.

Que Hablas Mi Amor? (17m, BRA)

Inspired on the moments that we feel tired. Not because of physical exercise, but tire of unnecessary annoyances. This is the story of Arthur’s crisis. An unexpected disturbance forces the character to adapt himself into the world. There are two ways of seeing the world: Drama or Comedy. Pessimism or Optimism. Arthur makes his choice.

Sky Blue Collar (8m, USA)

A businessman and a carpet installer enjoy a wild and playful friendship, but when their class-conscious bosses pressure them to steer clear of each other, the Romeo and Juliet of the workaday world must decide what’s more important: how we make a living, or who we’re living for.

It’s Not You, It’s Me (80m, USA)

A self-proclaimed commitment-phobe’s inner monologue become much more real than he ever imagines as he wrestles with his relationship anxiety and comes to terms with the decision that may cost him the love of his life.

2013 Honorable Mentions (order by alpha)

  • 167
  • Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, The
  • Beauty and the Breast
  • Blinde Liefde
  • Casual Nowhere
  • Coffers, The
  • Daisy
  • Delivery, The
  • Der Kampf
  • Devils Angels & Dating
  • Don’t Know Yet
  • Don’t Take This The Wrong Way
  • Duality
  • Eternity
  • Finding Neighbors
  • Food for the Senses
  • Fragments
  • Germination
  • In the Light of Day
  • Intersection
  • It’s Pouring
  • LaauNhom: Freedom of the Mind
  • Losing Gracie
  • Meeres Stille
  • Misunderstood The Cookie Gilchrist Story
  • More Than the Rainbow
  • Mr. Brocklehurst
  • On Our Way
  • Perdido
  • Refugees, The: A Comedy
  • Ritual Cat, The
  • Right Now: Living with Mountain Lions
  • Road Warriors 2012
  • Rose of Turaida, The
  • Running for Jim
  • Saracen
  • Shadow of Doubt
  • Slowly But Surely
  • Stalking Dixie
  • Summer’s End
  • Tatanka
  • Tears In The Cock
  • Third Row Centre
  • This Labor Called Love
  • Tooth Tale, A
  • Une Lettre Ne S’écrit Pas
  • Une Vie Deportee (Departed Life)
  • Untitled Symphony
  • Week, A
  • What A Gun

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